Our Roots

Trace the Origin

Shimizu Corporation inherited a tradition of manufacturing from the founder SHIMIZU Kisuke Ⅰ. As the prologue of exhibition, we introduce our company’s treasurable historical material which tells spirit of the master carpenters from ancient and early-modern era.

Corporate History

Know the Predecessors

As a pioneer in the construction industry of Japan, Shimizu Corporation has been taking on challenges in the modernization of Japan since Meiji period. Challenges of the company and the predecessors are introduced with explanation based on materials archived through the history over 220 years.

Epoch Room

Realize the Challenge

Achievement of Shimizu Corporation, our clients, and the society’s challenge in each epochs, are visualized by detailed replica models of representative works of each era, and chronicles of advancements in the Japanese construction industry.

Theme Stage

Thinking the Future

Footsteps of Shimizu Corporation on developments of future technology and society are introduced on a large timeline mainly after 1960s, and the company’s various activities according to subjects are introduced on touch displays.

Visual Wall

Face the Spectacle

A large projection using the entire wall of the gallery enables visitors to experience moving images of architecture and civil engineering in nearly full scale.

Aisle Hall

Enjoy the Knowledge

The interactive digital library system introducing our construction records since its foundation, and touring exhibits of various topics would provide deeper understandings for visitors.