Shimizu Corporation Historical Archives

 Founded in 1804, Shimizu Corporation has moved along with the modernization of Japanese and international society, placing customer trust first and following major global trends. We can also say that we live in a time when the world is seeking major changes for the next generation.

 This facility has an exhibition concept of “Challenging of Shimizu,” and displays the history of Japan’s construction field by materials accumulated over its 220 years.

 By learning and contemplating the dignity of people who devoted themselves to business and manufacturing, wonders of technology that solves various problems, and the depth of the culture of construction, we hope that our facility will contribute to the academic education of human resources. In addition, we hope that it will become a place of discovery towards the creation of new value.



SHIMIZU KisukeⅠ founded the company in Kanda Kajicho Edo

Trade name was Shimizuya


SHIMIZU Seihichi succeeded the name of SHIMIZU KisukeⅡ

Expanded to Yokohama, the Port Opening Area /
Ingestion of Western architectural techniques


SHIMIZU Mannosuke was assigned to be the third generation of Shimizu Management

Company name changed to Shimizu Mannosuke Store


SHIBUSAWA Eiichi was invited as an advisor until 1916


SHIMIZU Teikichi was assigned to be the fifth generation of Shimizu Management

Reorganized from a sole proprietorship to a limited partnership, Shimizu Gumi


Establishment of Shimizugumi Corporation


Company name changed to Shimizu Corporation


Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange


Tokyo Olympics held at the National Indoor General Stadium


Bicentennial anniversary from the foundation


Announced its corporate message: “Today’s Work, Tomorrow’s Heritage.”


Establishment of NOVARE Smart Innovation Ecosystem


Establishment of Shimizu Corporation Historical Archives